ARY Laguna Verified Forms

Verified Forms

1. The value of every verified Membership/Application Form originally purchased for PKR 16,500/- will be PKR 50,000/-.

2. Only completed and signed verified forms will be worth PKR 50,000/-.

3. PKR 50,000/- will be adjusted against the installment payments.

4. The maximum number of verified Membership/Application Forms that can be adjusted against installment payment of a Member’s Unit and against which installment plan available in the fact sheet.

5. Installment payment plan is in the fact sheet.

6. All verified Membership/Application Forms are transferable after the closing of the verification date.

7. The process for refund of the amount of the Membership/Application Fee will be as per the Terms and Conditions of the Membership/Application Form.

8. An applicant shall be required to comply with all the terms and conditions hereof as well as other terms and conditions as may be notified by the developer from time to time on