ARY Laguna Membership Application Form Details

Membership / Application Form Details

1. The Membership/Application Form is required to be submitted by an applicant (“Applicant”) for obtaining booking form for ARY Laguna – DHA City Karachi project (“Project”) located in DHA City Karachi. An Applicant must get the original Form verified by the Developer upon submission.

2. The Form is NOT a booking form of the Project. The booking form(s) will be issued at a later stage once the official booking process will commence. Only the duly verified original Membership/Application Form holder will be issued a booking form against such Membership/Application Form.

3. The Membership/Application Form shall be treated as an expression of interest from the general public and mere submitting of this Form by an Applicant will not confer any right whatsoever in the Project except as provided for in this Form.

4. The Form should be submitted along with a prescribed fee of PKR 16,500 (the “Fee”) as notified by the Developer. The Fee may be submitted through debit/credit card/cash or by pay-order/bank draft drawn out in a bank account designated by the Developer titled ‘ARY Laguna (Private) Limited’ maintained with an identified bank or deposited directly into the said bank account. Applicants making online payments should provide print out of deposit slip/challan or any other evidence of deposit acceptable and officially verifiable by the Developer from the bank. Applicants using debit/credit card may be subject to applicable bank charges

5. As mentioned in Clause 2 above, upon commencement of a booking process, once all Applicant(s) have submitted a completed booking form, the balloting process shall be commenced by the Developer to select the successful Applicants for the purposes of booking of a unit in the Project.

6. In case any Applicant is unsuccessful in the booking balloting process, such Applicant, subject to a deduction of an amount of PKR 6,500/- from the Fee, will be entitled to avail the option of applying for a refund of an amount of PKR 10,000/- from the Fee in the prescribed manner. The subject deduction will be made on account of processing fee/administrative charges. Alternatively, the Applicant can choose to retain the Form and, in such a case, the Applicant will have a preferential right in participating/making bookings in other projects of the Developer.

7. Details and terms and conditions with regards to size, price and other details required for booking a unit in the Project will be released at the relevant time after the Project is officially launched for booking by the Developer.

8. No Applicant shall be entitled to any mark-up/interest against the amount paid by him/her on account of the Fee.

9. An Applicant will not be entitled to transfer or assign this Form to another person without written approval of the Developer.

10. The Developer may require additional relevant documents from Applicant for the purposes of this Form, or thereafter, as may be considered necessary.

11. In case of any dispute between the Developer and an Applicant, the dispute will be referred to the Management Committee of the Developer and whose decision will be final and binding on the Applicant.

12. The Developer reserves the right to accept or reject any Form or cancel any issued Form in the event it transpires that an Applicant had provided any false information within or incidental to this Form or for any other reason as may be considered appropriate or necessary in the given circumstances.